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Autumnskye Wingfire Bandit

Bandit showed great potential from the time he was just a pup. With a long northcountry winter looming on the horizon, at five months old, I sent Bandit south to a pro trainer to continue his training through the winter. In less than 24-hours, Bandit was lost. I flew down to search for him and by nothing short of a miracle, I found him. Still just a pup, this amazing little guy was confident in the woods and had figured out how to survive. You can read about it on Spaniel Journal in Lost in the Woods.

This is a powerful dog in the field. He stays within gun rage, has an impressive wet or dry nose, typical of my spaniels descending from Autumnskye Midnight Maggie. He is fearless of cover, has a strong - sometimes aerial - flush, is an excellent marker, has a quick pick up and a speedy delivery - all with a beautiful soft mouth. He travels very well, gets along with other dogs, is enjoyable in the house and loves being with people.

Bandit's Stats:
white & liver ~ 42 lbs ~ scissors bite
eyes AVCO clear as pup ~ PFK clear ~ CERF EN-6339N
hips OFA EN-11324G24M ~ elbows OFA EN-EL1085M24

Bandit's Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents 2nd Great Grandparents 3rd Great Grandparents

sire: CFC Flushingwing Dark'N Dirty
CERF EN-4893
PFK normal
white & liver
1998 CNFC/CFC Birdrowe Fury of Webbswood (UK)
EFC Rytex Rod Inler's Gruff FTW EFC Highland Boy
1980 ENFC Inler's Harryslin
EFC Rytex Ria Parkmaple Loganberry FTW
Rytex Renne
IRFC/EFC Cressett Melody of Birdrowe EFC Windmillwood Shot EFC Hamers Hale
Windmillwood Superskeet FTW
EFC Cressett Velvet EFC Badgercourt Druid
Mzumba Melody
CFC Flushing Wing Burn It Up
CERF EN-4212
CFC Flushing Wing Hair Trigger
FC/AFC Valleyview's Buddy of Ru-char
white & liver
AFC/CFC Ru-chars Quick Shot
FC/AFC Purespring's Sunrise Breeze
Surf Squall FC/AFC Orion's Ebony Repeater
FC/AFC Strong's Hailey
Flushing Wing Allison CFC Raptorsroost Buckingham 1984 ENFC Cortman Garry (UK)
1988 NAFC/FC/CFC Glenrock Raeven
CFC Grouse Wing Sun Shine FC/CFC Strong's Seamus - 1986 Hi-Point Dog
CFC Grouse Wings Brooks

dam: Autumnskye Firelight Gypsy
CERF EN-5483
PFK normal
white & black

FC Smythwicks Slick Willy
CERF EN-4308
PFK normal
liver & white
Baron Of Bowdoinham Road
Lewiston Bilbo Of Richmond Newgrange Flag
Eve Of Dar-il-hema
Lewiston Bess Of Richmond Tamar Of Gowna
Bramwales Julie
Duchess Of Wrentham Strong's Lightning Rick 1987 NFC Pondview's Left In The Light
Strong's Sadie
Strong's Lady Robin FC/CFC Strong's Seamus 1986 Hi-Point Dog
My Fair Lady Of Suthron Glen

Autumnskye Wildbriar Rosie
CERF EN-4660
PFK normal
white & black

FC/AFC Sylker's Jake
FC Brackenbriar Sark
1979&1980 NAFC/1980 NFC/1980 CNFC/CFC Saighton's Scud
Bonnie Lass Of Suthron Glen
Car-n-lyn's Ms Sadie Shoreline's Macmillian
Shoreline Muds

Autumnskye Midnight Maggie
PFK normal
white & black

Whisperwing's Jasper
Whisperwing's Buckshot
Whisperwing's Royal Countess

Baughan's Starlight Trixie
ACVO normal
PFK normal
white & liver
Whisperwing's Ripple-o-brriar SH
Becky Timber-doodle Dandy

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