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Autumnskye, LLC

An Autumnskye, LLC, English springer spaniel is a hunting buddy full of drive and spirit who also makes a great family dog.

Our flushing spaniels are exciting in the field, yet calm and enjoyable in the home. They exhibit excellent temperaments, are eager to please, have natural hunting desire, stamina and are bold to cover. We place a high value on their exceptional scenting ability. Our spaniels possess a merry personality and are quick to win your heart. They are equally adept hunting small game - rabbit or squirrel - waterfowl and traditional upland gamebirds. An Autumnskye, LLC spaniel is truly a versatile hunting dog.

English springer spaniels have been carefully bred for centuries to serve as hunting dogs. We believe in carrying on that tradition. We are hunters - as are our dogs. Our springers are proven hunters in the challenging grouse and woodcock thickets of the beautiful Wisconsin Northwoods.

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